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Introducing CrossFit

Simple as one - two - three.

On Ramp Introduction to CrossFit at Sundown CrossFit


Sign Up for a Trial

Choose a trial class to try CrossFit. We will ensure you have a fun and rewarding first workout!


Attend Classes

Attend 3 small group fundamentals sessions to learn the fundamentals of Crossfit. You will receive lots of individual attention!

Concepts include mono structural movements, weightlifting, and gymnastics. In addition, you will learn about the driving philosophy of CrossFit.


Workout Confidently

Now that you have completed the course, you can go forward with confidence! Check out the exclusive memberships for new athletes below!

Exclusive memberships for New Athletes


3 small group sessions.


On-Ramp Plus

3 small group classes plus 3x week membership for one month.


On-Ramp Unlimited

3 small group sessions plus unlimited membership for one month.


On-Ramp Plus and On-Ramp Unlimited are 5-week total memberships. Athletes are required to attend 3 small group sessions during week one. After completion, athletes may attend their choice of classes during weeks two through five.

Take the first step on your fitness journey

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